Starter Package: $225 (3.5 hours)
Two sessions: 1 hour and 1.5 hours in-home time, plus 1 hour of offsite prep time by Havilah for session two.
First session will be a 1 hour in home face-to-face where we will review your current kitchen layout, tools, and pantry. We will go over things that need to be worked on to make for a more productive and effective work space (no major remodel, just small things that can help your kitchen work better for you), what needs to be added to the pantry for meal prep, and we will chose a menu for cooking in session two. Session two will be scheduled at this time.
Between sessions one and two, Havilah will send you a complete grocery list and check list for the things we discuss in session one. She will also follow up with you 3 days before the second session to ensure you are ready for session two.
Second session is meal prep and cooking with Havilah to coach and assist. You will do all the cooking to really see how it works and to have a full meal ready to feed your family with. We will have fun, too!
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Families Cook Together Package: $330 (4.5 hours)
Includes a pre-meeting plus two at-home sessions, plus 1.5 hour of offsite prep time by Havilah
This is for a family (2 to 4 people) that wants to include the whole family in the mealtime preparations and spark a greater understanding of and appreciation of food in the whole family. This is great for families that want to share the meal preparation responsibilities. Children must be 8 years or older for this package. This includes three sessions.
First session is a short (.5 hour) meeting with the parents to discuss expectations, desired outcome, and level of child participation. This can be done via phone.
Second session will be a full family meeting to discuss the roles of each person, dietary needs, likes, dislikes, and such; review kitchen layout, tools for cooking, and pantry items. We will also select a menu for preparation in session three. This session will be 1.5 hours.
Between sessions one and two, Havilah will provide a check list of things that need to be accomplished prior to session three, a grocery list for the meal to be prepared in session three, and a follow up 3 days before session three to ensure the family is ready for the session (1.5 hours of Havilah’s time).
Third session will be meal perpetration and cooking with all the family members participating in the predetermined roles from session one. (2 hours)
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Cooking to Entertain – $330 per session (4.5 hours)
Please note: Must have solid cooking skills established or have had at least one coaching cooking session with Havilah prior to purchasing this package.
This is 1 hour phone or in-person meeting to discuss what type of casual entertaining you want to do and establish a menu guide line.

Havilah will prepare a menu and provide you with a shopping and preparation list 7 days before the session. She will follow up with you 2 days before the session to ensure all is ready. (1.5 hours)
Cooking session will be 2 hours of face to face coaching at the end of which time you will be ready to host a party that you cooked on your own. During the session we will cook smaller amounts as samples; this will not provide you an events worth of food.
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Girls Night Out Party – $500 (6 Hours )
4 hours of cooking party – 2 hours off site prep; food to be provided by hostess for party preparations.
Party for 4 to 8 guests. Have some fun, food, and learn how to prepare an intimatem meal for 2-4 or an appetizer party for 8-10 or how to cook for a parents and kids “happy hour.”
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Other Services:

Weekly meal planning strategies – $75 (1 hour session)
Additional cooking sessions – $150 for the first 1.5 hours plus $75 for each additional hour
Pantry stocking and grocery shopping strategies – $150 per session (1.5 hours of face-to-face time and 1 hour of Havilah offsite time).
Kitchen organization and function sessions – $75 per hour
Community groups or organizations wanting classes for small groups (6-10 people) – please contact me for pricing and what specific areas you want the class to be about.
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Payment in full is due at first session – cash or check preferred, will accept credit cards for package purchases. There are no refunds. There will be a $100 fee for any returned checks.

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