About That Cooking Coach


I’m Havilah and I love food. Not just the eating of food, but everything about food. I am the odd human who likes grocery shopping (yes I did say that but before you run away hear me out).  Grocery stores are nothing but food potential.  I love all the options and choices and oh, new products, yes please.  I love to buy new things and try them out. Food is fun, food is love, food is my favorite thing.  Now, you may think I am 300 pounds and that’s fair, rest assured I am not. I eat reasonable healthy, moderate amounts (most of the time) and I do exercise regularly.  But did I mention I love food.  I love produce and all the things you can do with vegetables, fruit, and related items. It’s mind boggling and sometimes intimidating.  I love dry goods – pasta? What’s not to love, right? I love canned tomato products, sauces, and dairy. Dairy is such a lush category of possibility. Meats of all kinds, even the ones that look odd or really scary, hmmm what do we do with that? There is so much possibility with food.

Why do I tell you all this? Because this gives you a glimpse into why I am a cooking coach.  I don’t expect you to love grocery shopping, I am not crazy.  I hope that I can share some of my excitement about food and its potential so as to make a necessary chore, well, less of a chore.  So you can view a grocery store with the same enthusiasm of potential that I see.  So that cooking becomes an adventure where risk taking is encouraged and celebrated, because when it comes out right, WOW, just WOW! And you did it, you made it happen.  That’s exciting.  I still get excited when the food I make is yummy delicious. I am not talking about fancy hard to make recipes with a hundred steps. Nope, I am talking really good from scratch mac and cheese that knocks your socks off. Meat loaf that everyone in the family will ask for seconds of.  Stuffed acorn squash that the kids COMPLETELY devour and your 8 year old says “it’s actually really good, top 10 mommy.” Yup that’s the reviews I look for, “top 10 mommy”.

One last thing I love about food.  It brings people together.  Food creates opportunity for conversation, whether it’s with your family at dinner or friends or neighbors.  It provides the opportunity to put everything else aside and come together, because we all have to eat. It provides an opportunity for sharing, connecting, and being fully present.  These are things that are getting harder and hard to do in this digital age.  Food is a constant and one that still reaches us and connects like very few other things do.

Here’s to good eating, to food that makes us dance with joy that fills us up physically while touching our soul deeply.  Cook on friends, there is nothing but potential out there with food.

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